Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snickers: After the Kiss

There's nothing more sensual than sharing a sweet, delicious Snickers with your best friend. This is the commercial that aired during the 2007 Super Bowl. After an outcry from the gay community, Snickers has chosen to pull their "kissing" ads from TV as well as their website.

Alternate Ending 1

Alternate Ending 2

Alternate Ending 3

Country: United States
Product: Candy
Brand: Snickers
Year: 2007


Anonymous said...

that was halarious

Anonymous said...

i think this ad USES homophobia, but is not itself homophobic. quite
the contrary, i would say: the actions of the two men (in the aired
version) are so obviously dumb that i think nearly everyone would say:
it's not that big a deal. I think it's a criticism of macho. I liked
the second (love boat) better in terms of politics, but it wasnt as
funny. The others are bad, especially teh third one (drinking
poisonous liquids) becasue you know some dumb kid will do it as a
dare, to prove how macho he is... Then again, that could be darwinism
at work...


I think the add pushes the envelope but it's the Super Bowl. Super Bowl ads are supposed to be outragious. To see something else crazy visit http://www.thefamousguy.com

George said...

A little over the top but in keeping with Super Bowl antics. It makes fun of macho guys. To the gay community I say "give me break." Don't take your self so seriously.

Anonymous said...

I remember the ad during the Super Bowl. I didn't take it as homophobic at all, but making fun of the whole macho/homophobic thing.

I thought it was goofy and no different than anything you currently see on sitcoms. I did object to the screaming which was just annoying.

NYIndieSeen said...

God forbig there's gay people on TV...we just can't have that! Itz a goofy, silly, funny commerical. Snickers is becoming like Coca-Cola or was it Pepsi that had the issues with Madonna?

I dunno. It's all BS to us.

If you like indie movies check out NYIndieSeen


Anonymous said...

Saw one of them all ready and laughed. I think any ad that needles any phobia is a riot.

Read a study the other day that the men who proclaimed the greatest anti homosexual rhetoric had the greatest sexual response to gay porn.

Anonymous said...

My personal thoughts and comments on this issue is the following! We grewup with shows like Sanford & Son and All In The Family and I Love Lucy also the Three Stooges. We were all fans of these Shows it brought laughter to each family household. We never brought race into these show or sexual perferences as we do now in our Society! We as a society must grow up and smell the coffee and strug off the bad comments in which people make with out any hestiation. Our Fathers gave us a rights of Freedom of Speech! And we should honor their request and ignore the trash that is put upon us each and everyday! GROW UP AMERICA!

Anonymous said...

I saw the ad on TV and personally, I thought it was sickening and in very poor taste.

Real men don't do things like that!

Sharmil McKee said...

While I think all four ads are distasteful (and don't really encourage me to eat a Snicker's bar), I like Alternate 3.

Sharmil McKee
Business Attorney
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Roger Winters said...

The homophobic asssertion in all four versions is that two men kissing is not, somehow, "manly." The remedies in all four episodes are violence or, in the one instance, ridicule (about the "love boat"). Inasmuch as this was a parody of such behavior, it is less offensive but still offends. At root is the old myth that one act of homosexuality is enough to make a man queer. (In the cartoon "BC," the Anteater bemoans being stereotyped with the line "Eat one ant and you're typed for life!" There's a similar saying about one act of oral sex resulting in typing a man for life.) All this is funny for Americans because it mixes taboo things they never talk about with characters with whom they can empathize (the dumb, hetero, dirty, masculine mechanics). Their going to extremes to exorcise themselves of the potential "homo demon" is funny...until we remember that in real life lots of heterosexual boys and men have also gone to extremes when confronted with someone or something "gay" - extremes of violence up to and including cold blooded murder.

Candy bars are kind of far from my mind right now.

Roger Winters

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. it's not homophobic, it's just funny. these campaigns are part of the reason people may be reluctant to accept gays, because they appear to have no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

It's funny not homophobic, but gosh I hope no kid is going to see it and try the petrol.